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Molecule is a fundamental unit of materials, origin to form their properties and functions. Molecular functions are in variety of systems, from individual molecules to molecules in the cosmos, in biology systems and in man-made devices. To understand the molecular functions and to highly utilize the systems, Molecular Science  now requires bold strides across chemistry, materials and biological science.

IMS has served as a center of excellence to lead molecular science activities over four decades long. With the support from the community of related research fields, IMS will continue standing as a comprehensive open-use laboratory, providing a place of joint-research, exchanging global researchers and nurturing young scientists.

IMS has six cores to shape its research activities: Department of Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science, Photo-Molecular Science, Materials Molecular Science, and Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science; Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems is an interdisciplinary playground exploring molecular-hierarchy systems; Center of Mesoscopic Science propels methodological and functional studies of molecular systems. IMS houses open-use research facilities including UVSOR to promote discovery of molecular behaviors. Our challenge continues. Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems, integrating knowledge of three institutes of NIBB, NIPS and IMS, on the quest of the secret keys to life and living.

Keeping its foundation on basic research, IMS will never stop being at the forefront of future Molecular Science.