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IMS VIDEO (produced in 2017; 13 minutes)

This video introduces the activities of IMS, mainly focusing on our "leading-edge research", "joint-research", "research facilities", and "education".




produced in 2017
Prof. KERA, Satoshi Electronic Property of Functional Organic Materials play.jpg
Prof. IINO, Ryota Operation and Design Principles of Biological Molecular Machines play.jpg
Prof. AKIYAMA, Shuji The Origin of 24 Hour Period in Cyanobacterial Clock System play.jpg
Assoc. Prof. KOGA, Nobuyasu Protein Design Using Computational and Experimental Approaches play.jpg
Prof. YAMAMOTO, Hiroshi Open up Future Electronics by Organic Molecules play.jpg


Department of Theoretical and Computational Molecular Science
Prof. EHARA, Masahiro produced in 2010 play.jpg


Department of Photo-Molecular Science
Prof. OKAMOTO, Hiromi produced in 2010 play.jpg
Prof. OHMORI, Kenji produced in 2010 play.jpg
Prof. KATOH, Masahiro produced in 2008 play.jpg


Department of Materials Molecular Science
Prof. YOKOYAMA, Toshihiko produced in 2010 play.jpg
Prof. HIRAMOTO, Masahiro produced in 2010 play.jpg


Department of Life and Coordination-Complex Molecular Science
Prof. UOZUMI, Yasuhiro produced in 2010 play.jpg
Prof. KATO, Koichi produced in 2008 play.jpg


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Prof. OHSHIMA, Yasuhiro moved out in 2014.8 play.jpg
Prof. SAKURAI, Hidehiro moved out in 2014.3 play.jpg
Prof. HIRATA, Fumio retired in 2012.3 play.jpg
Prof. TANAKA, Koji retired in 2012.3 play.jpg
Assoc. Prof. YONEMITSU, Kenji moved out in 2012.3 play.jpg


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