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Lecture Schedule & Annual Events

Lecture Schedule 2020

Dept. of Structural Molecular Science
Dept. of Functional Molecular Science

For the lecture of once a week  10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30
For the Intensive Course     10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Myodaiji Area : Seminar Room #301, Research Building
Yamate Area  : Meeting room 3rd Floor, Yamate Building No.4

*The time and place may change.  Please check the syllabus.
*The deadline for submission of Course Registration (Rishuu) :
For the 1st semester : Late April, For the 2nd semester : Late October
*Lectures will not be offered, if there are no registered students.

1st Semester

Lecture (once a week)

--- ---

Intensive Course

June 30

July 1,2,3

Structural Photo-Molecular Science (Structural)
【Myodaiji Area】*Zoom online
July 7,8,9,10 Fundamental Physical Chemistry II (Common)
【Myodaiji Area】
July 14,15,16,20 Introduction to Coordination Chemistry (Common)
【Yamate Area】


2nd Semester

Lecture (once a week)

October 20,27
November 2,10,17,24,30

Fundamental Chemistry and Physics of Solids

(Common)【Myodaiji Area】

January 7,14,19,29
February 2,9

Functional Biomolecular Science (Functional)
【Yamate Area】
*Yamate 3rd bldg. 9F Seminar room B and Zoom online

Intensive Course


Materials Chemistry(Structural)
Myodaiji Area
*Seminar Room #301 or Zoom online

December 9,10,11

Introduction to biomolecular simulation (Common)
【Myodaiji Area】*Zoom online

February 3,5,8,10

Quantum dynamics (Functional)
【Myodaiji Area】

*You can check for more information of ”Introduction to biomolecular simulation (Common)” and ”Functional Biomolecular Science (Functional)”, http://ibep.nips.ac.jp/eng/schedule/

Summer Holiday : August 21 - September 30
Winter Holiday : December 29 - January 3
Spring Holiday : February 18 - March 31

2020 Annual Events

Entrance Ceremony: Cancel
IMS Open campus: June 6
Summer Trial Enrollment: Cancel
Entrance Examination: August 24-25
Public Presentation: August 26
Entrance Examination: September 23-24
Graduation Ceremony: September 28
Entrance Ceremony: October 6
Asian Winter School: Cancel

Entrance Examination: January 25-26
Public Presentation: January 27
Graduation Ceremony: March 24