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IMS has been conducting various joint research programs in collaboration with universities and other research institutes.  In the field of photo-molecular science, IMS has initiated “Extreme Photonics” program in close collaboration with RIKEN and launched “Consortium for Photon Science and Technology (C-PhoST)” in cooperation with Osaka University, Kyoto University, and Japan Atomic Energy Agency.  These programs have been endeavoring to creating novel coherent light sources and utilizing them to detailed understanding and precise controlling of microscopic nature of materials.  In addition, the UVSOR facility has been cooperating with Nagoya University and Kyoto University in “Quantum Beam Technology Program,” to develop innovative synchrotron light sources with broader application.

Project Links

Nanotechnology Platform (FY2012-2021)
Molecule and Material Synthesis Platform


大学連携研究設備ネットワーク(旧・化学系研究設備有効活用ネットワーク)(Jananese Only)


Elements Strategy Initiative for Catalysts and Batteries (ESICB) (Jananese Only)



Professional development Consortium for Computational Materials Scientists